Nerds and Monsters - Anim. Test

Animation Test for the TV Series Nerds and Monsters. Property of Slap Happy Cartoons.

Rocket provided character animation and also backgrounds for this test.

We didn't had a chance to put our hands on the actual show, but working on these scenes was lots of fun! .

Rocket Cartoons Demo Reel

Rocket Cartoons Reel.

Ivick Von Salza - The Little Lumberjack

Ivick Von Salza - The Little Lumberjack.

Slapstick Comedy Series (52 x 2') for kids 4 to 8.

Kelvin Magnetic - The VoltaKid

Kelvin Magnetic - The VoltaKid. 13 x 11' Comedy series for kids 6 to 10.

Mickey Mouse - Anim. Test

This is part of an animation test we did at Rocket Cartoons back in 2010 just to bring Mickey to life using Flash. Mickey Mouse is property of The Walt Disney Company. © The Walt Disney Company.

Yum Yum and You

Yum Yum and You. Preschool Animated series.

Rocket produced 78 episodes of 5 minutes for little kids 2 to 5.


Outopus. Comedy series for kids 6 to 10. Co-produced with Studio Flex.

Villain Complex - Pilot Episode

Rocket Cartoons worked on character design, background and animation for this pilot of Villain Complex.

Property of Mondo Media.

Chainmail Bikini Squad

Rocket Animated this pilot episode for Loogaroo.

Property of Mondo Media.

My cat is a Cop

Non-dialog animated comedy for kids 6 to 10. 26 episodes of 7'

Mrs. Brickles

Rocket Cartoons collaborated with Loogaroo supplying animation for 3 episodes of this web show property of Mondo Media.

Off the Curb

Rocket Cartoons animated 4 episodes of this web show for Oddbot Animation.

A Christmas with Yum Yum and You

Rocket produced this 26 minutes Chritsmas special including 5 different stories for preschoolers

The Gloobeans


The Gloobeans Demo

This a demo we produced back in 2009 to pitch a concept about a little boy and his magical little friends.

The Grand Failini

Slapstick comedy of 13 x 5' for kids 6 - 10. Coproduced with PIXL Animation

Pechi Animation Test

Animation test we did for the greeting cards company Pechi.net

It's the Pope, Bro

Rocket Cartoons provided animation for Loogaroo on this short of Video Podcast Network.

Molly's History Books

Animated Series for Kids 4 to 8.

26 episodes of 3 minutes.



We have a main solid team of 5 experienced Directors and our crew is constanly adapting depending on the needs of any project.


During the years we have had the priviledge to work for top clients such as Disney, Nick, BBC amoung others.


Flash Animation


Character Design


Press & News

  • April/2014

    "Kelvin Magnetic - The Voltakid" debuts at MIPTV. Monster Entertainment brings The Voltakid to MipTV looking for broadcasters for thr show.

  • Feb./2014

    Rocket inks distribution deal with Monster Entertainment for "The VoltaKid".

  • Feb./2014

    Kidscreen - Monster Entertainment signs Outopus deals.

  • Oct./2013

    Animation Magazine - Rocket Cartoons will launch 3 news shows at MIP.

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